Fees and billing arrangements

We bulk-bill Pensioners and Children under 16 years.  

Health Care Card holders will incur an out-of-pocket expense of $25.00.

Individual doctors have the right to choose how they bill and may privately bill.     

Since Medicare began, patient rebates have not kept pace with practice costs. Therefore, it’s necessary to privately charge patients in order to continue to provide a quality service to you and your family.

Current Charges (current as at 1/12/2021)

Short Consult
Mon-Sat: $42.50 | Medicare Rebate $17.90

Standard Consult
Mon-Sat: $85.00 | Medicare Rebate $39.10

Long Consult
Mon-Sat: $150.00 | Medicare Rebate $75.75

Extended Consult
Mon-Sat: $220.00 | Medicare Rebate $111.50

A Gap Fee is charged for all procedures and dressings for all patients
Dressing: $15 | Procedure: $30 – $50


All fees are payable at the time of consultation.  

Patient claiming directly to Medicare is available via Easyclaim/patient claiming which enables refunds directly into your cheque/savings account.

We also bulk bill for Chronic Disease Management plans and Health Assessments.

Repeat prescriptions and referrals

Prescriptions for regularly taken medicines, as well as ongoing referrals to specialists, can be obtained without seeing the doctor if he/she has agreed to this. In making a request, we appreciate it if patients can give 24 hours’ notice.

There is a $15 charge for repeat prescriptions, referrals and forms not undertaken by either a face-to-face consultation or telehealth consultation.


Most medical services are GST-free. However, the following services will incur a 10% GST fee:

  • Medical reports
  • Certain medical examinations (e.g. for driving/life insurance)
  • Certificates (if no medical treatment is provided)
  • Services acting as an expert witness (e.g. signing passport forms)